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Wednesday, June 17 - Blockchain : What does it mean to Business Analysts?

Wednesday, June 17, 2020 -
19:00 to 20:30

Blockchain was a hype.
More accurately:   Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) was a hype.
But ...
... there are still a bunch of activities going on in this field as well as discussions whether and how this technology could be useful in the future. And what the impacts would be to incumbents.

  • By beginning of this year the Swiss government (the „Bundesrat“) felt it necessary to conclude that, if the Swiss National Bank provided a Swiss Crypto Franc, it should be available to accredited financial market actors only but not to the general public.
Why not to the general public ?
  • Recently the Swiss Blockchain Federation sent out a survey to 800 (!) companies and received 203 responses.
What are all these companies doing ?
Just burning money ?

You, as a Business Analyst, might be asked to support a Blockchain / DLT project.   
This talk will provide you ...
 ... comprehensive information for designing and recommending value-delivering solutions in this field.
Basler Versicherung in 2017 investigated Blockchain / DLT from the business perspective. For a Swiss pension scheme 2nd pillar business case, they implemented a proof of concept (PoC) on the public Ethereum blockchain. The experience from this business case will serve answering the following questions:

  • What criteria qualify a business case for using blockchain / DLT ?
  • Why is blockchain / DLT an appropriate technology to approach this 2nd pillar business case ?
  • How did Balser Insurance approach the Business Analysis for this activity?
  • What Business Analysis challenges are specific to blockchain / DLT projects?
  • What Business Analysis practices are particularly helpful in such initiatives?

Speaker Info

Ralf Fahney, Domain Architect for Finance & Accounting and CBAP® at Basler Insurance (https://www.baloise.ch/), guided his employer through the process of discovering and evaluating Blockchain / DLT. Ralf has a professional background of 30+ years in large IT projects at major groups. He worked as a software engineer, system designer, project and product manager, but requirements engineering and business analysis are his calling. For ten years he provided all kinds of services in both areas on a free lance basis before joining Basler Insurance in 2013.
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Online - WebEx 19:00-20:30 Central European Time
Ralf Fahney
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