How to become a chapter member

  WELL,  you need  to : 

  1. Be an active member of IIBA international

    • You're not ?   
    • Your are, then fine. You will need your IIBA ID to register to the Chapter
      • OOOPS, you don't remember your IIBA ID sad
        • no problem,  login to IIBA International
        • when logged
          • Click on your name in the top menu,
          • Click on  Profile 
          • Your ID is the top inforamtion displayed
  2. Register to Zurich Chapter HERE

  3. Send your yearly IIBA Zurich Chapter fee of CHF 35.-- to

    • IBAN: CH xx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx x
      IIBA Zurich Chapter
      c/o Ralf Fahney
      nnnn City
  4. Send a proof of payment to

  5. It will take around 1 week to treat your request

  6. You will receive a welcome mail confirmation

  7.   Take advantage of your benefits ... participate ... Enjoy !!! laugh